Fixing SCCM Wake on LAN (WOL)

For some reason my SCCM server didn’t wake up HP desktops. WOL was enabled on the desktops. I tried “mc-wol.exe”, a freeware command line tool, and sent a magic package from the router – they both worked fine but not SCCM.

So as the PCs are fine, the problem must be in the server or Hyper-V hosts, where I run the Configuration Manager 2012 server. A simple test by executing mc-wol from the server showed that Hyper-V doesn’t block WOL packages.

I ran WOLSniffer on the server and workstations – it didn’t capture anything. Two settings I had to change to get it worked:

  1. Changed Wake On LAN UPD port to 65535.  You can go to Administration tab, then Site Configuration, Sites, and property of you site.


  2. And second one is transmission method. I had to change it from Unicast to Subnet-direction broadcast.

Note: mc-wol and WOLSniffer  are free tools. Just google or bing them and download. Cannot find? I don’t believe you, but anyway you can get them from here.


The next thing how make work is Wakeup Time on Power Management settings for collections. No activities at scheduled time in WOLCMgr.log or WOLMgr.log files so far Sad smile


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