New user account issue in Outlook 2007 & Outlook Connector

I was busy awhile buying my new PC and server and installing new software on them.

I set up Vista according the best practices:

  • create another admin account and disable built-in administrator account
  • setup all software I need to start working (antivirus, applications, tools etc)
  • create standard (non admin) user accounts
  • always use user account; use admin account to install apps or change configuration only

I did the same way Windows XP, W2k and W2k3 configurations. It always works perfectly fine except a few apps but I already knew workaround.

Outlook Connector issuesSo all apps and tools are installed and it’s time to log on as standard user to finish configuration. The first thing is email of course. I’ve already installed MS Outlook and Outlook Connector to access my Hotmail/Live mail. I test them under admin account, they were good. But it was unpleasant surprise that under user account it had some issues: reading pane didn’t show the body of messages; I could not stop MS Outlook neither by clicking the cross in the top-right corner nor using menu File | Exit; and the biggest problem was I could create new email.


I could receive and read emails. Adding extra permissions did not help. I was about to uninstall Outlook Connector but accidentally found solution:Blog02

  • Start any other Microsoft Office app (Word, Excel etc)
  • Type your name and initials in the dialog box
  • Start MS Outlook and type your live account details.  

The problem was because MS Office and Outlook Connector both try to show modal dialog boxes during the first launch of Outlook. The dialogs are hidden.

I don’t know why it does not show up when I press Alt-Tab.


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